Built using reclaimed barn wood, architectural salvage and vintage lighting and hardware.   

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The building itself is a site to behold.  Designed as a train depot, owner, builder and designer  David B. Culpepper, wished the structure to appear 100 years old, like it was original to the abandoned Tallulah Falls Railway.  (a history of the TFRY)

The Building, and the salvage company, are Culpepper’s slap in the face answer to the disposable society in which we currently reside.

Today’s markets are filled with disposable wares, one use gadgets and trinkets, that quickly get thrown out and replaced with more of the same.  Railroad, Nautical and Industrial Salvage hearken back to a time when items were manufactured with a focus on quality, to offers years of service.  Rugged, reusable, durable and functional, today  these items are coveted by designers as functioning focal points in homes, offices, retail establishments and restaurants.

Our passion is lighting, and we salvage a lot of it.  Over the last decade we have found supply has been outstripped by demand for some of our favorite fixtures.  For this reason, we have started manufacturing our own private designs using the highest quality old world craftsmanship you have come to expect of high quality architectural salvage.

We supply what catches the eye!

Otto Depot Team

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